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Blueskin Bay

Blueskin Bay is an estuary about 25km north of Dunedin, it is abundant with Southern clams (cockles).

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In this section

Blueskin Bay is an estuary about 25km north of Dunedin named after Te Hikututu and his nephew Kahutin because of all their Tā Moko (traditional Maori tattoos).

The estuary is abundant with Southern clams (or Cockles as the locals call them) and Southern Clams Ltd have made them a major NZ export. You might even be lucky enough to find an oyster or two. Anyone can gather them at low tide and we recommend simply cooking them in sea water over a driftwood fire.

Mapoutahi Pa fortified headland can be accessed on Goat Island in Blueskin Bay by walking around the beach. The site is where an Inter-Tribal war took place between two Southern Maori tribes resulting in a massacre.

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